What is an IP PABX Phone System?

An IP PABX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) is sometimes referred to as a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) PABX. An IP PABX system allows calls to be made over a computer network using Internet Protocol. The cost savings for calls can be substantial for small businesses.

Hosted vs. On Premise IP PABX Phone Systems

IP PABX phone systems are either “hosted” or “on premise.” Hosted IP PABX systems are operated and maintained generally by your company’s VoIP service provider. Workers connected to a Hosted PABX system can work at home, or while travelling and still use the same telephone system they use at the office. The service provider owns the equipment and will handle maintenance issues.

As the name implies, with an on premise IP PABX system, the business shoulders all of cost of equipment and is responsible for system upkeep.

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