What is a PABX Phone System?

PABX means Private Automated Branch Exchange. It is a private telephone network where the users share a limited number of outside lines (often referred to as trunk lines) to make and receive calls outside of the business. A PABX system connects the telephones within a company to one another and also connects them to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Modems, fax machines and other communication devices can be connected to a PABX. Because lines are shared, not dedicated to each user. Common features can include an ACD for call distribution and IVR that can process incoming phone calls prior to routing to call stations. Some PABX’s support outbound dialing protocols such as autodialing, progressive dialling and predictive dialing

A PABX phone system is a cost effective communication solution for most small business.

What are PABXs used for?

A company will generally have a ton of phones, often one for each worker. Rather than getting a separate phone line for each one of these, they utilize a PABX in order to link all of their internal phones together to be used to link to the external world in a much more efficient capacity. It allows a variety of people to use just one line, which allows the company to have one phone number to connect with to the outside world.

Functions of a PABX

  • It allows a company to have one single phone number that people can use to contact a number of different internal representatives.
  • It uses an automatic call distribution (ACD) feature, which allows calls to be distributed evenly amongst the various employees of an answering team.
  • It can provide automated call answers and provide anyone calling in with a number of menu options that’ll be used to select which department or extension they want to go to on their own.
  • It allows for automated greetings that are customizable.
  • It provides a host of management features.
  • It allows providing custom music to callers that are on hold while waiting for an internal employee to answer.
  • It can be used to record separate voice messages for each extension.
  • It allows internal calls to be made in between stations.
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