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Contact Center Consultant: The market for the services of a contact center consultant is large and growing. Any organization that has significant numbers of customers where regular customer contact needs to be managed effectively potentially has the need for a contact center.

This organizational capability is expensive to establish and operate and invariably the performance of the contact center is business-critical having a direct impact on the organization’s bottom line. An experienced contact center consultant can generate substantial value for a client through targeted and well-structured interventions including:

  • Performance: Driving performance improvement towards best practice or World class standards.
  • Cost and ROI: Reduce the overall operating cost of the contact center.
  • Customer Service: Improve customer satisfaction and commercial outcomes including cross selling and up selling.
  • Outsourcing: Provide advice on the business case for outsourcing where this is being considered.

Organizations at all points in the economic cycle but particularly in periods of economic downturn strive to improve cost income ratios and secure competitive advantage through excellent customer service. At Solutions Warehouse our contact center consultant typically brings a compelling combination of skills, experience and insights to a client situation – a very sophisticated toolkit.

We have knowledge spanning multiple and diverse disciplines including: customer; product; sales; marketing; operational performance; management information; information technology – both infrastructure and software; human resources; workflow; finance; key controls and regulatory requirements.

Given this impressive diversity of skills and insights it is little wonder that an experienced contact center consultant can command substantial consulting rates which are invariably justified by the substantial value generated for the client organization.
Our consultants could quite easily generate a substantial consulting business by focusing exclusively on just this one aspect of contact center management.

Human resources

Understanding the drivers of employee turnover and optimizing the recruitment and selection practices can easily have a significant positive effect on cost and performance.

Solutions Warehouse experienced contact center consultant can also drive substantial value through analysis of performance metrics and working to align compensation and incentives with improved performance.


Process design and process efficiency are central to effective contact center operations business process design, implementation and optimization techniques including: workflow and call routing; key controls; forecasting; root cause analysis of customer or product problems identified; monitoring, coaching and training of the staff that operate the process; performance improvement .
Solutions Warehouse contact center consultants have a significant range of complementary skills and experience and are highly respected advisers.

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