Voice and Data Solutions

Voice and data service provider allows for control over your communications expenditure and the way in which your telephones and data are used. That also means one point of contact for all support. We offer a full portfolio of voice and data services. We mainly work to reduce monthly telecommunications costs while improving the quality and reliability of your telecoms, pinpointing usage down to an individual staff member.

We’re dedicated to providing cost-effective telephony and voice solutions that allow your business to gain the competitive edge.


Clear and reliable voice communications are essential for any business. At Solutions warehouse, we deploy straightforward, effective and secure voice solutions. Our premium services make communication work for you by reducing your costs while increasing reliability and uptime. Our voice solutions are tailor-made to fit your size organization and budget. When your business expands, our voice solutions will expand with it.
In addition, we offer hassle-free installation, number porting and reduced call rates..


At Solutions Warehouse we offer, internet solutions for the home or business via fibre and wireless technology.
Our Metro Ethernet network provides connectivity from 2 Mbps (Uncapped unshapped) or (capped) and is available in major metropolitan areas (Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria). All services are coverage dependent.
We have a range of contract options available for the business and home use.

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