About Comma5 CRM

Keep your customers at the heart of your business!

Comma5 CRM is cloud-based software for use in any sized organisation wanting to improve teamwork, sales or service delivery.

It’s easy to use, excellent value for money and guarantees results if used properly. Cloud means up-time is never an issue…nor is hardware, software and licencing.

Comma5 CRM consists of a number of easy to use modules, Contacts being the core. Modules and users are easily added at any time as required. Our instant CRM is ready for you to start immediately…regardless of the number of users in your organisation.

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Comma5 CRM Features

  • On-touch GO button for quick navigation anywhere
  • Home screen with dashboards for birds-eye view of everything
  • Messages for collaboration with team members, sending and receiving SMS’s
  • Calendar for Company events, Holidays, team schedule
  • Tasks ensures deadlines and commitments are ALWAYS met
  • Keep notes in your Comma5 system
  • Upload files
  • Contacts & companies  Database with segmentation, contact and company history
  • Sales forecasting, quotations, target management
  • Project management, organizing of tasks and managing resources and costs
  • Contracts – Keep on top of contract expiry. Keep all contract documentation in one place
  • Service desk ensures delivery of services as per targeted Service Level Agreements
  • Settings – Secure, flexible and customizable

Comma5 CRM Benefits

  • Cloud Based – Means no headache. Access from anywhere, at any time on any device (mobile). All you need is access to the internet. No more worries about backing up and losing data!
  • Integrated Email and SMS gateways – Send messages, bulk messages or notifications to your contacts with this built in functionality
  • Flexibility – Comma5 is extremely customizable to suite any organisation with respect to customized fields and reporting.
  • Powerful data exchange – easily import or export data from Comma5 CRM, including outlook
  • Cost effective Pay per use – enable or disable users and modules as you go along.

Contacts Management

Contacts management forms the heart of Comma5 CRM, just as your contacts form the heart of your business. A functional, up-to-date contacts database is the basic starting point of your CRM journey.

Tasks Management

At the end of the day, customer service comes down to delivering within the agreed time-frames. Our team tasks management assists in the scheduling and management of tasks.

Sales Management

Improve Sales and never miss an opportunity again! Features lead management, creation of quotations from price lists and tracking of won & lost business. Perfect for businesses of any size.

Service Desk

Our service desk application improves service delivery by keeping track of each request logged. Customisable with 3rd party management, online job-cards, SLA management and customer survey.