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Communication Solutions

Voice Logging

In order to operate voice logging and voice recording software services as effectively and efficiently as possible the correct voice logging and voice recording software service is required to be implemented and installed

Voice logging software equipment and voice logging service is essential for the accurate functioning of voice recorders and therefore it must be stated that without the presence of the correct voice recording software, a typical voice recorder would turn out to be useless as functioning is impossible without the much needed voice recording software.

A key use of voice logging and voice recording software service is its’ use in the recording of phone conversations enabling the listener to make a voice recording of the phone call by means of the implementation of a voice recorder.

SmartPro Fax Solutions

SmartPro Fax archives all faxes for the period of five years if required, billing is based on “pure per second billing” from the first second. It enables the client to choose from the range of solution options to meet their specific needs. SmartPro Fax is proven to be most cost effective fax solution in the market. Inter-branch faxing is done at a rate of 28c per minute, billed per second, adding to additional cost savings potential.

TMS – Telephone Management System

Traditional Telephone Management Solution, that provides administrators with key tools.Enables proper tracking of telecommunication activities and usage on PBX solutions, managing costs, reducing phone-related excessive use and improves user productivity. Solutions Warehouse TMS has an easy-to-operate user interface to assist the administrators to optimally manage the Telephone call usage

Our Products and Services


If you are interested in having one of our analysts’ take a look at your telecommunications bill for savings opportunities, please send your telecommunications bill along with relevant information to us.

Google Apps for Business

We provide Google Apps for Business deployment, migration and training to large and small enterprises in South Africa. Google Apps use cloud computing.(The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server.)

Call Centre Solutions

Solutions Warehouse gives you access to award winning contact centre technology on a cost effective basis.

Voice and Data Solutions

Voice and data service provider allows for control over your communications expenditure and the way in which your telephones and data are used. That also means one point of contact for all support. We offer a full portfolio of voice and data services. We mainly work to reduce monthly telecommunications costs while improving the quality and reliability of your telecoms, pinpointing usage down to an individual staff member. We’re dedicated to providing cost-effective telephony and voice solutions that allow your business to gain the competitive edge.

Network Services

Our networking team have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to design, install, test and maintain these business critical infrastructures


We continually evaluate new products and technologies’ guaranteeing our supply is at the cutting edge of technology. Solutions Warehouse has forged strong relationships with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers allowing us to identify and source the right product for your business.


We are able to implement and support high specification telephony systems providing an array of options and cost savings for your telephone system. We integrate our vast experience across industry sectors with world-class technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure to offer business-friendly solutions across industry verticals.

CRM- Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management Solutions can track all kinds of information specific to your business, be it maintenance contracts, assets, customer support cases, productivity logs, product suites – the list is endless since the underlying infrastructure of a CRM allows you to build information databases that are specific to your business.