Solutions Warehouse has worked to establish strong, supportive partnerships with the most innovative and trusted vendors and suppliers in our field.




Solutions Warehouse is an authorized Neotel channel partner. Neotel is South Africa’s first converged telecommunications network operator and offers effective solutions suited to large, medium and small business to take care of all your telecommunications needs.




Improve sales and customer service in an instant with Africa’s favorite Customer Relationship Management Tool. Comma5 CRM is an enterprise system that has the capacity to span multiple departments within an organisation, allowing limited or unlimited access depending on user policy. With security as an integral part of the system, Comma5 CRM facilitates the housing of all customer data in one central repository, providing better management of this key resource to simplify marketing and sales processes and perform tasks quicker.




Telesa’s objective is to assist customers in ensuring high service levels and that cost management is optimized and continually achieved. This can be easily achieved using the Telesa range of applications and services, allowing you to determine the precise mix of services applicable to your specific business needs. Telesa has unparalled experience in managing this area.




JENA Solutions is committed to deliver the most value from your software investments in the shortest possible time. We have a dedicated team to help with the successful planning, configuration, integration, implementation, administration and maintenance of software solutions. We believe in creating long lasting relationships with our customers to ensure that we deliver a solution that adds value in your business.



SeacomWe are determined to provide a world-class level of customer service to enable our customers to realize the intrinsic value of our network. Bringing affordable data connectivity and its associated benefits to all of Africa’s people.




TeleMasters is a fully licensed converged operator, with our own IPC and Point of Interconnection, which offers client’s quality guaranteed communications at reduced rates. We use the power of Session Initiated Protocol and preferential interconnect agreements to bring our superior offerings over Network Quality of Service at highly competitive rates.