Our Clients


We take a consultative approach to our clients’ communications needs, working closely with them to create solutions that address their requirements for productivity, reliability and availability.

Here is a list of our satisfied clients:

  • Dreamworks Technologies
  • Targa Panelbeaters
  • XL Travel Arrangements
  • Nampak
  • Comma5 CRM
  • MRL Tax and Bookkeeping
  • Avis
  • TeleSA
  • CCD Couriers
  • National Auto Glass
  • Avis Fleet Services
  • Nampak Wiegand
  • BlackHorse Restaurant & Brewery
  • Tribe
  • Fashion Hub



file_extension_pdfDreamWorks Technologies Recommendation

file_extension_pdfCANSA Thank You Letter

file_extension_pdfTarga Panelbeaters